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We don’t want to give us the automatic option that we will manually modify only the entries and not the domains. Modify to build using variables custom using variables as you will see different variables come into play here to build to our liking. Variables will provide more information to the user. Choose this option if you want to structure your content in a way that requires adding some variables. I’ll give you an example where we want to indicate category year in our post name and identifier. Information architecture category parent pages and tags you must know me before starting information architecture.

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They offer all the possibilities of handling content. As Wuhan Mobile Phone Number List you know there is something unique about it. While posts and pages may look the same features and plugins do set them apart. Content structure is a fundamental part of being able to connect and relate similar content. This is known as content clustering. For this we can use category tags tickets posts pages subpages category tags and entry posts. There are two ways to automatically group posts in using categories and using tags. When do we use categories and when do we use labels to understand categories.

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Ease of Buying a Product or Service Desire BTC Database US Navigate Company Name Search Step 1 Do a Thorough Research on All Keywords Classify them in detail and identify all important keywords to strive for including primary keywords and long tail keywords. Network Map Hierarchy Most businesses and corporations structure their networks in the way they feel is best for their business. The problem is that many times this strategy does not align with strategy. This means that the pages are not well correlate with each other and Google’s tracking and user navigation are severely affect. With tools such as , we can thoroughly document the hierarchy of the network in audits.

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