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Orders customer invoices customer notice reset password and new account email finally we will have the advanced tab. Here the cart payment and my account pages are defined. You also have the option to customize variables for each page. Advanced also if you need to integrate your store with external applications in you can create keys to securely authorize access. Enable to send information to other apps in real time in enable to interact with authorized apps. Create a product in once all the configuration is done we can add our first product.

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For this go to the product menu click on add product Lebanon Mobile Number List a window will appear very similar to the entry where you have to specify the product name category if it is a physical product or virtual product price availability include a short description of the product an image of the product. You can also add tags and even create photo galleries. Product design and customization of your online store now that you have configured your store setup and created your products it is time to put the finishing touches on your store and start selling. From the appearance customize menu you will find several options such as in your business.

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What number do I press to accept a collect call

Display notifications in-store to announce promotions or BTC Database US events to visitors. Configure the display of product categories if we want to display only product categories or both. You can also specify the sorting criteria for the products: customer rating. Lowest price, highest price, most sales, or recently added products. In product images we will set the width of the main image on the product page and the size of the item thumbnail in the catalog. Finally in complete a purchase you can change the look of this page by selecting which fields you want to make optional or required. Now that you know how to create an online store step by step it’s time to get to work.