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Here are some tips to help you run a great contest. Identify your goals. Is the goal of this contest to get more followers or to get customer feedback? Do you want to raise awareness about a new product and get people to try it for free? Do you want to increase sales? Your goal? The prizes for the winners of the contest rules and the parameters for determining the success of the contest will be determined. Deciding on a prize giveaway is the easiest way to promote a new product or attract a new segment of customers to try out what your business has to offer. If you want to increase sales prizes can be free samples as well as discount coupons for future purchases. Get creative Don’t just get your followers to like or share your contest posts.

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You should find more fun and creative ways to engage Algeria Mobile Number List them. For example, you can ask them to share a short passage about reading their favorite book, reply to their dream vacation in the comments, or even have them share a video on how to use your product smartly. The more you encourage your audience to think and act, the more engaged they will be. Selling on Social Networks Today social networks not only help in connecting with your audience and building brand awareness but also help in selling your products. Platforms such as and allow brands with business accounts to showcase catalogs and even allow direct purchases.

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The advantage of selling directly on social networks BTC Database US is that it encourages passive buying which is a great option for people who are just discovering your business. The way you sell products on social media varies from platform to platform. We’ll show you how to do it on and on. Create a business account This is different than your regular business account. Click Go to add your collection. Configure shipping options return policy and payment. Publish your store and start selling. Allows you to tag products in your posts or add a swipe up option to your stories. When a person clicks on a product tab or swipes up they will be able to see it.