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Tag Manager is the easiest way. It creates a configuration code and inserts the code with Tag Manager code directly in the code. The tool provides the code to insert it in the head of the script or it also provides you We will start seeing data in the tool after we have it via the plug-in with the necessary instructions to insert the code into the tab. Some events are automatically  without us having to configure them Event Name Description First time user enters our site for the first time User initiates a session Page preview User visits page Scroll User visits view page Click User clicks away from the domain he is on.

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File Download User Downloads File Form Start User Initiates Form Finland Mobile Number List Form Submit User Submits Form User Engagement User Shows Page In Foreground For At Least Seconds. Viewing search results User conducts a web search Video progress Video completes User starts watching or completes a video We must remember that depending on the technology there are events that the tool cannot detect so we recommend checking that all events that cannot be correctly have been manually. Event Settings Some of these automatic events can be manage in the tool’s configuration. Measurements Enable in Manage Data Flow Metering The rest of the events we want to measure must either be in code or in.

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Configure recommendation options in Tag Manager BTC Database US Configure the label settings in and then we’ll go ahead and do some configuration to get everything ready to manage the data flow. Configure the label settings in Configure the label settings. In this section we can configure which domains we want to include in the data if we have multiple domains so that Outgoing link events are not in these cases Specifying referrer lists Identifying internal traffic Adjusting session time On the other hand we have to activate in addition to the standard to get website traffic data Provide additional data such as statistics and multi-device audiences. Associating your account with the ecosystem We also have to link the tools of the ecosystem we use in each case.