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Giving people the flexibility to mark dates that are important to them and the ability to choose them is a powerful investment in belonging at work. what is cognitive dissonance how can you reduce it read share this article by 1 month day min read jump to section what is cognitive dissonance the theory behind cognitive dissonance cognitive dissonance effects of cognitive dissonance How Cognitive Biases Can Reduce Cognitive Dissonance We all like to see ourselves a certain way. We see ourselves as honest hardworking health conscious and in control. But our actions don’t always align with how we think about ourselves.

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This inconsistency, known as cognitive dissonance, can lead to some serious psychological discomfort. That’s because if you’re not self-aware, cognitive dissonance can make you act and feel completely out of character. Understanding what cognitive dissonance is, why it’s so powerful, and how to manage it can put you back in charge. What is Cognitive Dissonance Cognitive dissonance is slightly different from its evil twin, hypocrisy South Korea Phone Numbers List Hypocrisy is when we say one thing and do another. Our thoughts and actions don’t align and we know it. But we don’t mind inconsistencies in our behavior because we want to show our goodness in a certain way. Cognitive dissonance means we feel conflicted.

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We do have a disconnect between two conflicting beliefs. This disconnect makes us uncomfortable and drives us to fix it. Definition of Cognitive Dissonance Cognitive dissonance is the mental tension we feel when we try to consider two or more opposing pieces of information. We usually try to act by adopting new consonants or dismissing inconsistent information BTC Database US Unlike hypocrisy, cognitive dissonance can threaten our identity and sense of self. That’s why it’s important to recognize what it is and what it feels like. If you don’t then it’s much harder to live an authentic life that aligns with your personal values. Years of Theory Behind Cognitive Dissonance.