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For example, linking to other products After completing these basic configurations, we will continue with custom configurations. In this step we configure transformations from configured event audiences and custom definitions. In the Events and Conversions configuration in the Events section we have to mark those events that we want to consider as conversions for our business by default purchases in eCommerce are considered conversions so that we can look more specifically at conversion reports. We will create the desired audience based on the type of business. For example if we have an international presence we will create audiences by the countries where we do business. We may also serve users who visited our website but did not end up converting.

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Create audiences such as users visiting certain types of pages Estonia Mobile Number List or product categories. We have to remember that these audiences are equivalent to the old views because they don’t exist in the new version. In this link we can query which variables are collected by default whenever improved measurement is active. Audience Configuration in Finally about Personalization Definitions In this section we have to register all variables that we collect in Events that are not considered. After all this configuration we just have to wait for the tool to start collecting data and be able to use predefined and custom reports. Being able to measure all this data is critical to being able to make business-oriented decisions and improve conversion rates.

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Always base it on data rather than opinion or belief because each type BTC Database US of user. Behaves differently depending on the network and its goals. If you need assistance implementing and analyzing the data and reports provided, we can assist you through our web analytics and services. Contact us and we’ll discuss your project. How to make the perfect ad. Alex Rangel Alex Rangel Year Month Day Share on LinkedIn Share on Facebook Share on Of course you’ve wondered many times How to craft the perfect ad that highlights your brand, drives web traffic and ultimately converts. The answer is usually not simple or easy.