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That’s why learning how to praise your employees is similar to how to praise your peers. Here are a few tips to help you avoid ambiguity when speaking specifically about compliments. Randomly approaching an employee and saying thank you for your hard work doesn’t show you care it shows that you don’t know them to think of something personal. Complimenting with integrity means knowing that the person understands their contributions and praising them accordingly. The best compliments involve specific things a person does. If their speech is great please say so. Even better is to mention your favorite part. Since they know what you like.

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They’re more likely to produce work of similar quality. Focus on Impact When employees focus on one task they may not always see the bigger picture. It’s hard for them to know Indian Phone Number List where their contributions are if they’re not in the same high-level meeting as you. Kudos to Shaking Hands for a Successful Partnership Examples Explain how their actions help you or your organization feel part of the mission. For example, the beautiful website you create is the cornerstone of our fundraising efforts. Thanks to you, potential donors are a one-stop shop for how we help the community. It’s important to worry about the little things in the details. Cherish those that keep your shared folders organized and annotate your presentations with helpful notes.

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The one who sells the solution, not the problem. These things take time and their thoughtfulness should be rewarded. This contribution to quality of life is laudable because it keeps everything running smoothly. Walk the talk People can see that you are giving praise out of necessity rather than truth BTC Database US When you praise make sure you truly believe in the value of their work. If you have a genuine appreciation for a person’s contribution your compliment will seem more honest because it is. Fewer genuine compliments will have a more positive effect than too many fake compliments because they know you mean business and they deserve it.

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