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Preloads the fonts and any other resources we use in the viewport when we visit the part we see on the web. With this we will improve ours. Activate and configure caching to speed up access to previously visited websites. Loading speed and plugins unfortunately it is not easy to apply many of these changes correctly our website can generate many bugs. That’s why we recommend applying the changes one by one and checking that our website continues to work properly in incognito mode to prevent any failures in cache hiding.

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Compressing and unifying all and code is not always UK Mobile Number List possible especially when our website has a lot of elements. Another important aspect of text fonts that is not worth forgetting is the number of sources and the weight of each source. It is best not to have more than one or more text sources and styles. The format used is usually but recently it is also popular to use variable fonts. These fonts do not have a single defined style, bold, light, regular, but allow their weight to be modified according to our needs, allowing multiple styles without loading multiple styles or heavy fonts. It is recommended to avoid using or formats as they are uncompressed formats.

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Another option for web variable font optimization BTC Database US is to use a font repository. In this case, in addition to only loading the styles we use, pre-connection is required to reduce time. There are several plugins that allow us to do this kind of preloading for example or to host fonts locally. Do you want to know more about which fonts to choose pictures. The videos our website should not have many pictures especially. The homepage because if our website is e-commerce then it is inevitable. To have a lot of pictures on one of the pages. It is best not to exceed each file by weight.