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You ne to include the below meta tag in the of your email within mso conditional statements to get any css3 and mia queries to work. Outlook. Com as highlight by remi parmentier, with the new updates to outlook. Com and the outlook apps that are following suit, it seems there is now support for one mia query. Using the above example, setting one breakpoint with a mia query to distinguish between larger desktop screens and mobile sizes would bring responsive email support to outlook. Gmail gmail supports mia queries, but is especially strict with css and one misplac curly bracket can render the whole lot being ignor. Using a css validator such as the official w3. Org validator will pick up on any obvious mistakes.

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Outlook desktop outlook on desktop doesnt support mia queries, but we can use this to our advantage. By wrapping any font-face for linking web fonts in a mia query, they will be ignor and stop outlook rendering fonts as times new roman. Have you notic more and more brands that have logos showing up in email inboxes and wonder what its all about? The short answer is bimi. The long business email list answer is brand indicators for message identification, which is what bimi stands for. sorry about being captain obvious. if youve never heard of this email specification before, or you just ne some clarification on what bimi is all about, well explain. Plus, youll find out what it takes to get your brands logo showing up in your subscribers inboxes. What is bimi?

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Bimi pronounc bih-mee by the way is a relatively new email specification that is directly connect to authentication, but its not exactly an email authentication protocol. Hang in there, this will all make sense in a minute. When bimi is correctly implement, email senders may see BTC Database US their logo showing up at the inbox and message levels. At least thats the case with certain email clients that support the specification. Check out the mockup below to see how messages may appear before and after bimi implementation: bimi inbox logos for major brands with and without pretty cool right?