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Some query strings we can say that a query string is data that is sent while making a request or request to a web page via a pull request. It is usually identifi by a question mark as a general rule this class is not cach. We can force it to do so in this option. Using the settings database as we mention repeat ly in the article is no longer a caching plugin but an optimization plugin for the loading spe of our website. In this configuration section we will be able to delve into the optimization of the database. Database optimization using an optimiz database we generate other types of useless when we process our content in the database.

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Information this information affects the performance Latvia Mobile Number List of our website. For this we are provid with this tool for a more or less deep cleaning. Entry cleaning as we can see in the image there is an element that may be taking up space in the database that we are not interest in. When we update content, previous versions are sav an automatic draft of the entry we are iting discarding is generat. If we eliminate these elements we will r uce the space in the database. This part of comment cleaning is important because sometimes the database gets fill with spam comments that’s why this option was introduc to clean such elements.

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Comment cleanup using clean comment instant clean BTC Database US when we work in , some temporary elements are generat which we can delete without any problem as they will be generat again. Database cleanup both this the following I recommend making a copy of the database because digging into what’s going on in the database is always risky even though nothing has to happen so it doesn’t hurt to make a backup copy. Optimize database use clean database activating this check will perform a debug of the database tables. This process can be automat. Using configuration before we dive into how to use settings I want to explain something.