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We can do much Better, so let’s do it.” Justine: “International Women’s Day is not something I have celebrat in the past, but I am happy to.  Aiscover a day where we can reflect on our progress in terms of gender equality and put our heads. Tgether to understand what more nes to be done . Happy International Women’s Da. Today we want to celebrate the achievements of our colleagues and. Recognize the change that we as an agency can make. It’s important to have conversations today about how we can fight for equality, and work towards it throughout the year.

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Calendar to engage your audience BTC Database US during the year’s biggest events by creating inspirational, event-specific content, campaigns and promotions. February – March – Paris Fashion Week April – April Fools’ Day ( Poisson d’Avril ) April – Good Friday – Alsace and Moselle Lorraine April – Easter Monday ( Lundi de Pâques ) April – Earth Day May – Labor Day ( Fête du premier mai ) May – Victory Day ‘ ( Fête du huitième mai or Jour de la Victoire ) May – Ascension ( Jour de l’Ascension , days after Easter) May th – Mother’s Day June – Pentecost ( Lundi de Pentecôte ) June th – Father’s Day July – French National Day.