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The Head of Choice Home Blog Choice and Systems talks about the Dealer Rewards and Loyalty App they use within their company. How long have you been using the Dealer Rewards and Loyalty app in your company? How did you decide to use the program? This How the process has evolved As of 2018 we came across the Reseller Rewards and Loyalty App. I can say that the fact that your company has a long history of being a leader in the field, being open to world markets, owning references and investing in the digital world played a role in our decision. Of course, the human factor cannot ignore the sincere attitude of employees.

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It is an important factor in our preference at the beginning List of Mobile Phone Numbers in Gansu of the process. Dealer Loyalty Can you talk a little bit about your company brand and the benefits you’ve seen in dealerships since you started these studies and what’s changed compared to the program we’ve been using before we have a more useful and more Flexible application with new modules. The fact that the app is open to change and development also gives hope for the future and has a positive impact on dealerships. How do you rate a dealer Earn points not only for purchases but also for answering surveys, watching videos or being on social media.

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Share on social media to earn points. How satisfied are BTC Database US dealers with this app? I can say that the page has attracted more attention thanks to other point earning modules other than barcode entry. Important data can be obtained thanks to these modules. Faster and more efficient communication with dealers can be established when the mobile app is also activated. At the same time, such as earning points in different applications, instant messaging, sending notifications, etc. Strengthen communication with dealers through channels. Why do brands use such a loyalty program? Do you have any suggestions or additions to strengthen the relationship with dealers.