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Through conversion rate we measure the relationship between all visits to our website and the goals of those users. What’s the use of getting an organic visit in our e-commerce if we’re not selling a shirt appropriate investigations. Roy or seo billing is a metric that is closely relat to the previous one. Return on investment is define as the economic value generate by carrying out an activity, in this case. Its formula is return on investment.

Destination we are in a specific town

The calculation of rate profit investment invest it will allow us Azerbaijan Mobile Number List to know. In the first place whether the activities we have carry out or are carrying out are effective for the business. Then through this calculation we will be able to justify the cost of our campaign and demonstrate that our strategy is helping to achieve the company’s goals. Bounce rate you could say that bounce rate is a ranking factor that is closely relat to dwell time. Because if google sees a lot of users clicking on our results and then going back to click on the next result it will understand that our results are not relevant for that keyword and will lower our ranking.

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Where do we position ourselves

For this reason it is always important to have a small amount of BTC Database US control over the average bounce rate of our pages, and pages with a bounce rate higher than normal. Because imagine for your ecommerce category image is broken. This will scare off all your users. By monitoring bounce rate we will be able to notice errors like this and fix them before they cause our rankings to drop. Visibility index as an example of visibility index in visibility index is well known as a measure of the visibility of our website in search engines.

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