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It’s important to have a highly visible link pointing to all the content that your visitor might be interested in. For example, for the same example, a link must be visible to About Me that describes your business history and goals, but there must also be a link to a list of products you sell and to send you an email or schedule an appointment. Don’t forget to place links to direct them to your business’ social networks also considering if there are blogs it will be important to place some links to the most important articles in the homepage. You can look at examples of websites from companies in your industry that you admire.

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Base on that analysis, replicate all the good practices Jiangsu Mobile Phone Number List that exist in these business homepages on your website. List the keywords you want to target yourself Building a list of relevant keywords for your business to appeal to your target audience This is the most important thing to do with any strategy. We recommend that your keywords be very specific. For example if you have an agency that sells used cars it is impossible to try and position yourself as the number one in the search for where to buy used cars as you will be competing with companies already positioned eg as and all with industrial advertising volume and budget car dealership.

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For this reason you should be more specific and choose BTC Database US more specific words and phrases such. As where to buy used cars in Guadalajara or used cars for missions. If you don’t know what are the words or phrases that generate the most searches. Then a useful tool for you is . You’re welcome to rank your keywords Order your keyword list Prioritize keywords with. The highest number of searches Less competition and a large conversion index. Create a FAQ section FAQs are often very helpful to your visitors Helpful and important. You are used on your website for this reason.