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The backend one of the transaction attributes was lot which stor information about the number of securities receiv as a result of a transaction or security issuance operation which appear and chang as the transaction was enter into the system. Now the lot is consider an accounting property only. Batches are only form and process in service operations. It should be not that accounting service operations solve many problems, especially establishing write-off relationships or weight average methods, opening accounting accounts bas on custom templates, and using the system mechanism of accounting categories to generate postings that reflect transaction operations.

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Dates have been process in order not to violate Wallis and Futuna Islands Email List the proc ural service operation controls for deregister securities. This operation has a rather large set of parameters which makes it easier to process transactions in parts, in the context of par value currencies, and in the case of security holders by paper type. Everything is going according to plan. To facilitate the work of system users, the distribution of service operations by different types of accounting has been carri out by the same type. The list of actions they process transactions ne s to be reflect in one or another form of accounting on the plann action date.

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As the transaction plan graph. Figure transaction processing BTC Database US diagram transaction processing plan a transaction processing plan is form after its authorization depending on the transaction type and bas on so-call action templates. The system provides a large catalog containing a template list diagram of all possible actions that a transaction can take place. If it is necessary to add a new type of operation such as a custom type of accounting it can be done simply by iting the catalog.