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Service description the usage agreement will satisfy most of the listed requirements. So with the help of the action set is defined and the schema is set to validate the transmitted message. With developers who want to consume the service, they can automatically generate client code without any problem. There are many convenient libraries and frameworks for popular languages ​​that will let you do this. There is currently no universal way to describe services like this. An analogue was proposed for use in services in 2009 but was not welcomed by service developers. The most successful technical solution modeling language and provides a comprehensive clear and unambiguous description of the object.

The machine-readable descriptions

Created with their help are also convenient for human Bulk SMS Israel perception. Given that the description format used since 2000 has become the basis for developing a standard for descriptions it seems most promising to use when developing new services. No need to go into details. The main functions provided are as follows. The description package of the group resource service is provided in the format of includes consideration of authentication and authorization aspects. A description of the format used for objects passed in requests and responses. Generate documentation on prepared service descriptions. At the same time you can make the documentation interactive so that you can perform test requests on the service directly from the page with the description.

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Ability to generate code for

The client and server parts for a common language based on BTC Database US the description of The ability to use a bottom-up approach when the description is generated from the code of the developed service. The number of different resources and operations that a bank can offer through the open is thus in addition to technological platforms such as or other similar solutions, the convenience of grouping services is ensured in a clear and logical manner. For example, junzi’s set of business transactions is available for mobile banking applications of leading companies in russia.

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