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All of these show that you are a serious professional and not an amateur and you are here to stay. The country that is not the king of search believes it is the only one. But that’s not the case, at least not in the world. Today we’re going to talk about five countries where the leader in search engines is another. Japan, Russia, South Korea, China and the Czech Republic are countries that do not follow global trends when it comes to search. Whether it’s because of language culture or simply because internet users prefer something local we’ll review each of these cases.

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Baidu in China The main search engine in China is Baidu Chile Mobile Number List which controls more than 100% of the market share. The Chinese population is estimated to be over 100 million worldwide and there is a very attractive market for people of Chinese nationality. Baidu also has its own social network. It even has a music service and even a file sharing system. Google only has influence in China. However, Baidu has benefited from the Chinese government’s blocking of most international websites. In fact it is now and although accessible in English it has been blocked by Chinese censors. Russia has a population of 10,000, which is a very attractive market for the company.

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However it is not Google that is used in this country. The BTC Database US engine focuses searches on Russia while Google does. The name is of English origin. Its services include free email, maps, music, videos, photo storage, professional social networking, and more. In Korea is the search engine most Koreans use. The engine combines a question answering system with recommendations from social networks where friends and family contribute their knowledge to be the most powerful factor in choosing and making purchasing or travel decisions. Even Koreans use this system to hire people instead of using job portals.

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