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As products for which terms are in the contract are usually not include in the sequence of forms use to enter operational data. Fig. Topic of the table single window function for setting deadlines according to the deposit opening agreement recently discussed in another article so we won’t go into details. We will only mention the latest innovations of this module. Let’s start with the second person confirming the transaction. It should be note that the for such validation can be configur for any system operation that requires additional monitoring by the supervisor.

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The supervisor to continue the operation diagram performed SMS Gateway Iraq at the operator’s workplace. The request is sent to the controlling employee’s workplace and awaits his verdict there. In order for the supervisor to make an informed decision, the request contains brief information about the operation being performed, the customer’s full name, his characteristics, transaction amount, details of the operator servicing the customer, etc. If the supervisor allows an action that requires his confirmation, the supervisor worker’s response goes to the user who performed the action and the action continues automatically. If the supervisor prohibits the selected operation the operation is cancel.

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The workplace of supervisors can force such operations to sent BTC Database US to the financial surveillance. Department for verification services if ongoing transactions suddenly lead operators to suspect. That they are being use to legalize money laundering of criminal proceeds or financing of terrorism. If the client a transaction that is check, a link appear in the client’s information. You can use this link to go to the suspended transaction list and view the transaction. What state the transaction is in. The state of the suspended client operation list is allow. The operation can continue from where it left off.

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