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It is under omnichannel that stores decide to run at least one profile in social mia present their offer on Allegro Amazon provide a mobile application and offer various communication channels. The idea is that anyone who is interest in your products can purchase them quickly and without much effort. Omnichannel will allow you not only to acquire customers at all but also to keep them for longer because this strategy assumes staying in constant contact with them we will tell you more about this in a moment .

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Omnichannel communication The key to success in e commerce is staying in constant contact with your customers. Here again you have many solutions at your disposal but two of these will work especially well. EMAIL MARKETING We are talking primarily Netherlands WhatsApp Number List about newsletters and marketing e mails sent on the occasion of introducing a new product to the offer organizing sales or other novelties in the store. In e commerce your task is so much easier that customers provide their e mail address so all you ne to do is add a checkbox with consent to receive marketing information so that your address database gradually develops. Of course such consent cannot be forc so you can for example offer a small free gift for giving it.

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WEB AND MOBILE PUSH Push notifications notifications are another good method of staying in touch with customers. Pushes are small notifications that are display in a web browser web push or in a mobile application mobile push . They are very versatile and flexible you can actually use them to provide customers with any information from reminders about unfinish purchases to the distribution of promotional codes. Here is an example of how push notifi BTC Database US cations can be us to distribute vouchers to customers who have made at least one purchase Source PushPushGo To learn more visit PushPushGo and read the e commerce use case . Retargeting This is the best answer to the question of how to encourage the customer to buy something again.