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A drastic change can make the message go unnotic. Message Subject This element is as important as the name of the sender. Coming up with an attractive and short topic is a real challenge but believe me it is worth spending some time and attention at this stage. Think about what you have to communicate to your audience. What should you pay attention to Emphasize the benefit of reading the mailing emphasize the time or quantity limitation of the offer. Place keywords at the beginning bearing in mind that if your recipient uses the email program on their phone they will only see the first words.

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Do you know your recipient’s name Apply personalization . Stand out with emojis. Remember that you can also test the subject of the message using A B testing. Be within characters Ne more room to maneuver Use preheader Do you check the first page Indian Business Fax List before buying a book to make sure it’s a good read The preheader works similarly. This is the first sentence contain in the content of the mailing. It appears in most mailboxes right after the message subject. The subject of the message along with the preheader should create a coherent whole. You know what the most common preheader error I notice is His absence.

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See the examples below. Which version would the recipient prefer to see in their inbox\ preheader FreshMail Message Subject Check how to add a preh BTC Database US eader in FreshDesigner. Where else should you set the sender name and message subject Remember to set the sender’s name and subject for the mailing confirmation message as well. How to do it Go to the Recipients tab. Select a list of recipients. In the menu on the left select Newsletter Subscription and then Confirmation Messages . Set the subject and sender name then save the changes.

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