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Another targeting factor is user engagement and interaction with videos on the same channel as the number of likes, comments, and subscribers. So in addition to adding it to the description of the video it is imperative to put a call to action in the first half and at the end of the video to motivate users to make these interactions. Best Tools to Improve SEO In this section we will learn about some interesting tools that we can use to improve the positioning of our videos on Google. It is an extension that allows you to manage and optimize your channel efficiently.

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Allows you to explore interesting keywords to Italy Phone Numbers List target your videos Perform tests to evaluate which are the titles with the most user interaction Keyword description and cover Watch videos on the best time to publish your video Automatically publish your video. Google Trends Google Trends is a Google platform that allows you to know the search situation of a certain keyword within a certain period of time. So you will be able to understand the current search trends and keywords that have a growing trend or vice versa. Among other things the tool allows you to compare two or more terms.

Phone Number List

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Important pages of your website Landing BTC Database US page is visible on the homepage If you have a website that sells shirts then it is important that on the homepage we can see a highly visible link to all the content that the visitor might be interested in. For example, for the same example, a link must be visible to About Me that describes your business history and goals, but there must also be a link to a list of products you sell and to send you an email or schedule an appointment. Don’t forget to place links to direct them to your business’ social networks also considering if there are blogs it will be important to place some links to the most important articles in the homepage.