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Table of Contents Index While this plugin can be easily made with , the styling and design options it offers make it fundamental to improve page navigation for users. Content Indexing Relat Posts A lot of plugins today have an option for relat posts but remember without this option it is very important so your content will always link to each other. I leave this plugin to you it has help me a lot with certain templates. Relat and recent posts Ampere developing pages in amp for different reasons can be a good fit for, usability or positioning in carousels such as mobile news where such technology is prevalent.

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You want to have your pages in I leave you with a Romania Mobile Number List plugin though there are many options available. Plugins to implement amps Sitemaps Video and Google News Even though many don’t use sitemaps anymore I always use them to have more control over the indexing of my content. This is a plugin for creating video sitemaps and another for news. Video Sitemap Plugin Google News Sitemap I hope some parts of this post were useful and interesting of course if you have any questions I can answer please send me a comment. A podcast you can’t miss Eliza.

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White Rubio Elisabeth Rubio 2020 2020 Search Engine Optimization BTC Database US News. Discover the Best Spanish Podcasts If you want to keep up to date with the latest. News in the field then you must already be a follower of one or more podcasts. Do you want to know which ones we won’t miss in ? We’ll tell you then. Directory Cybercampí Cybercampí is in charge of this project which is one of the most famous and talk about in the field. With nearly 20 years of experience as a consultant speaker and teacher, you can get over hours of content in chapters if you’re not already hook. SEO machine SEO machine.

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