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The responsibility according to the type of service and it’s consider a natural thing to do. With the advent of automat banking systems the role of the bank teller actually began to be r uc to a representative politely communicating with the customer to find out what services he ne and entering the data receiv from the customer into the program. Instructions are then issu to him possibly to accept funds if the transaction amount and the teller’s rights allow this or to offer new banking products to the customer. Looks like a lot of action here but tell the teller what to do.

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Of him to enter the data and without entering Bulk SMS Italy the requir parameters the operating system itself will print the order offer indicating the amount receiv from the customer and calculate the change and display a list of recommend products on the screen. Tellers no longer ne to have deep banking and accounting knowl ge. As a result, most banks began to shift from the principle of division of labor. For tellers to the principle of single window in their work. If an expert can do his best to serve him, why wait for several queues it is necessary, and the training of such an expert is by no means expensive.

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Start putting spokes on the wheel where most of the user BTC Database US interface. At the time was built bas on service types. That is to say the various types of operations were separat deposits. Loans, forex for different items of the main menu and even different workstations . It is not surprising that both those who set the requirements for the first ones. Those who develop their interfaces start from. The familiar principles of the division of labor between operators that seem immutable at the time.