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It will show you the configuration panel shown below in Configure Audit Internal Link Analysis Follow the steps by this tool to complete. The configuration process and let it start crawling the site. After tracking you will see the panel as shown in the picture. Use Audit Internal and External Links To analyze internal links visit the Internal Links section and you will be able to start. Understanding the link status of your website Detect errors and points for improvement. Page Crawl Depth From Tracking Depth. The depth level of the page refers to how many clicks away from the home page, that is, the number. Of pages the user must navigate to reach this page from the home page. This part of the audit will give you an overview of the distribution of pages according to their depth of discovery.

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The tool gives you information about the quantities of each Jamaica Mobile Number List level and how much these make up the total. By clicking on any level you can access to view the pages within each level. Level of Analysis Depth Using Internal Link Analysis To get good internal links. The most relevant pages on your site should be the ones closest to the home page. On the other hand as a general rule unless you have. A very large site it is not that any important page of your site be a few clicks away from the home page. Incoming Internal Links Outgoing A website to have enough internal links. Every page must have as many incoming and outgoing links as possible.

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A graph is display in the Internal Link Audit section to give you an BTC Database US idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis. Relationship of incoming links to outgoing links. Use Analyze Incoming and Outgoing Links to show you, in groups, how many pages have a certain number. Of incoming or outgoing links For example the number of pages with only incoming links. The number of pages with outgoing links etc. By selecting a group you will be able to access information within each group. As well as filters and other features. Using Analyzing the number of links this section can be use to easily detect orphan pages i.e. pages without any links but only 3 links and pages with too many outgoing links.