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You can also take steps to spot them among your existing workforce. Let’s look at three ways to do this. Watching them at work One of the best ways to discover an employee’s soft skills is to watch them regularly. Pay attention to how they communicate with others Solve their work problems Manage their time Organize their work Adapt work conditions Many skills are self-explanatory. For example you will notice if someone manages their time effectively. But don’t jump to conclusions. Pay attention to what they’re doing but also ask why they’re doing something that seems inefficient. Efficiency is less important in a role that benefits from creativity and developing others.

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Other soft skills can be more subtle. Leadership, for example Bahrain Mobile Number List only manifests itself when the opportunity arises. Ask for feedback from the people they work with If you can’t observe someone enough to discover soft skills get feedback from the people they work with. This can include their colleagues as well as their customers or clients. It’s a good idea to get other people’s perspective even if you can observe them. They may have different perspectives that can give you more insight. Have regular one-on-ones You can assess how employees are developing over time by having regular one-on-ones with them. During one-on-one sessions you can see their more human side.

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You can learn more about the soft skills that drive them. You can also mentor them and understand their developmental goals. How to Help Employees Develop Soft Skills Here’s how to encourage soft skills development at work: Provide soft skills training and other educational opportunities in 2019. Respondents to BTC Database US a McKinsey survey say retraining is important to addressing potential skills mismatches. of people believe that retraining is the main way to achieve this goal. Only US respondents believe that retraining is not important at all. Investing in soft skills training courses helps employees develop existing skills as well as new soft skills. Encouraging mentoring in formal soft skills training is not the only way to encourage soft skill development.