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The configuration add-on has certain elements such as scripts. Just activate them in this part of the configuration we can get a cach version improve performance. This action is in direct response to one of the requests we typically point out in load spe audits such as leveraging browser caching. Plugins for plugins image optimization image optimization is a process that may have its own guidelines due to its complexity. A separate plugin is provid to hle these resources. From we can access the download of its free version. Use the image optimization example for image optimization using the rocket tool to save import settings to avoid spending time on the process again.

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It also gives us the option to perform a rollback I.E. Take a Kazakhstan Mobile Number List step back in terms of the install version. Rocket tool rocket tool rocket tutorial to complete this guide the plugin itself provides a series of videos providing information on the different operations perform how to do them. Rocket tutorial rocket tutorial conclusion as you may have seen more than just a caching plugin we have a whole suite at our hs to optimize the spe operation of our website so now we just have to experiment with different options. What are you waiting for get yours flying do you know rockets can you make it through this guide.

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Improve your performance do you have any questions BTC Database US We’re waiting for you in the comments. The most common mistakes how to avoid them. David archutjidavid archutjiyear monthdaysearch engine optimization tutorialsearch engine optimization mistakeslots of over the years clients projects go through our agency. During the initial audit we conduct we found many mistakes some more serious than others bas on this experience we want to talk to you about the most common mistakes that typically occur in seo campaigns. Through this article we hope you learn how to avoid them. Can you go with our catalog of the most common mistakes.

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