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Teller’s misery better through an example so imagine yourself a bank teller in personal service. The day’s work is in full swing and now a client appears in front of you who defiantly announces that he wants to deposit cash into his existing deposit. That is to say, in banking terms, it is to add deposits to the customer’s account. Of course, we don’t remember that the account number is a digit after all, and he didn’t accept the deposit agreement. Ok you say take his passport go to the deposit action menu item and use the passport data to look up the customer’s account.

Then you initiate an additional

Deposit operation asking the customer for the Bulk SMS Russia amount enter it into the action form press the button the system prints and you give it to the customer. Customers are happy but not quite. Because at that moment he said he wanted to send another western union payment. The system seems to already know who it is working with everything should be easy but it’s not there. The interface is built on the assumption that deposits and emergency transfers are handled by different bank employees. So you go back to the main menu and select the menu item urgent transfer to send western union.

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Re-enter the customer information

To operate and print out the transfer BTC Database US application. Then it turned out that Ivan Ivanovo was still going to pay back the loan again. And you have to go to the lending workstation a third time and enter all the same passport data. Well if ours here remembers some of his unpaid fines or utility bills expertly pulling crumpled payment details out of his pocket wow you’re going to have to pull out almost memorized this time again and again essentials serve customers in the system’s on-screen forms.

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