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What would you advise companies from the customer’s point of view. Where do you like to buy gifts. During the holiday season we often start our research from our own e mail box. It is there that we first look for the best offers in the collection of our favorite newsletters that we have previously subscrib to. In addition e.G. Advertising in social mia is very general while a well prepar email is direct and personaliz.

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Subscribe to our newsletter. Smile what to watch out for when it comes to sending an email campaign. First of all the most difficult task is to break through the seasonal hustle and bustle of christmas promotional campaigns. campaigns do not reach our Albania WhatsApp Number List recipients. During the hot sales season which is the holiday season it is important to remember about the delivery of messages. Therefore it is extremely important to remember to set appropriate security measures such as dkim spf or dmarc which will protect us against impersonation ruce the risk of spam which will ultimately result in greater effectiveness of marketing e mails we send.

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Gabriel siwek product owner how can a company stand out during the holiday season. I is to increase attention to the client. During the holiday season consumers BTC Database US are bombard with stimuli from many sides so adding another similar message usually does not make sense. On the other hand messages about products left in the basket a personaliz reminder and offering alternatives to the services and products you are looking for are all right. I think that the most important approach in this period is primarily to take care of our client in the way we would like to be guid for example by an advisor in a classic store.