This may seem counter intuitive

Happy reading! Kuba bielec and bartosz filip malinowski kasper bielejec and bartosz filip malinowski boxless studio ux design & strategy excellence in design is not when there is nothing left to add it is when there is nothing left to take away. and out of date but it’s true minimalism will be a major ux and marketing trend in. More importantly minimalism will always be trendy. Smile currently the client or user is bombard with notifications from every direction gets impatient when the application loads more than.

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Seconds and has millions of options at their fingertips. In this reality less than more simply comes at a price. When I talk about minimalism I have in mind a well thought out and slimm down structure of the website or application. read. Pictures instead of words and even better than video. These are large legible elements playing with asymmetry and unconven Job Function Email Database tionality. And above all creating products with a functional philosophy that reliably satisfies one specific ne not a little bit of all. Maria blecharz maria blecharz digital innovation lead at socjamania the trend that I want to pay special attention to in is new habits and ways of acquiring knowlge.

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With the change of the algorithms

Social platforms we decide less and less what content we see and where we obtain knowlge from. It is the algorithms that determine what we will like and what content we find interesting. I believe that in we should pay more attention to where we get our inform BTC Database US ation from. So a new trend or a habit that designers should develop is searching for sources. When we see any posts or videos that will discuss user behavior or talk about good practices in ux let’s try to reach their source or the research behind them.

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