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If the employee resigns, the situation may be more complicated. You can communicate with the rest of the team that the employee will no longer work for the organization but as a leader it is not your responsibility to share the reason for the employee’s departure. Are there exceptions to this rule? If the departing employee did so because of a problem in the organization and current employees know this, the key is to recognize and address how the problem will be resolved. For example if an employee resigns after a public argument with a member of management you should discuss this with your team and tell them what you are doing to avoid similar situations in the future.

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Remember to acknowledge that challenging situations are C Level Contact List beneficial but don’t repeat them. Instead leaders should focus on how this situation helps us all grow and move forward. So if we continue the example above you can communicate with your team that in response to this situation your organization will invest in a stronger conflict resolution training program. This way your employees know that management is aware of the problem and how it caused the employee to leave. It also shows that they don’t have to worry about similar conflicts affecting them in the future. How we share news with our teams is also critical.

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It’s important to be as personal as possible. Generally company-wide BTC Database US emails are impersonal and detached and often raise more questions than answers. In person, even virtually, is the best way to communicate this type of news. Allow time to answer questions Once you let the team know that a colleague is leaving you should expect many questions. As a leader it is important that you set aside time and place to address these issues. The most common question leaders receive when there is a contest is why. This makes sense. It’s normal for employees to be curious about why key employees leave.

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