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Live in chronological order Adam mossier announced that by 2020 it intends to offer users a version of its feed that will display posts from users in full chronological order rather than the current algorithm that sorts posts based on user preferences. Many users don’t like feeds that are completely algorithmically sorted; they prefer their posts appear in an orderly fashion. The current use of artificial intelligence provides each user with a fully personalized experience. We want people to be able to meaningfully control their experiences. We’ve been experimenting with favorites and it’s a way to decide what you want to be on top of.

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Way to see which posts he said on his twitter account Cambodia Mobile Number List a few weeks ago. Two distinct chronological versions are reportedly being prepared. An option to have your favorite accounts appear chronologically at the top allows users to view posts from everyone they follow in chronological order, without the highlights. News reply to comments has again replicated a major feature using the new reply to comments. This is something new that a large number of users have been wanting since it was in full swing. Comments will appear as stickers on the reels with various color and design options. News by seconds by seconds by stories.

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Is the story too short for you? Well, finally soon you BTC Database US will be able to post stories of up to one minute in stories. This is an option that thousands of users have wanted for a long time. This way you can share more content in the same story. But be careful because short content is prevalent now. We should not fill in meaninglessly for the sake of filling in, but share the content that is really important to users. News removes carousel images from feed for months to allow us to add multiple images in one post. This is called a carousel. Well they have announced that this year we will be able to.

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