They Can Be Used

Secondary controls are grouped according to their purpose and the more conveniently located the more frequently they are needed.  There is only basic information right in front of the driver’s eyes. Secondary information is displayed on additional monitors and like controls also grouped by topic.  The buttons and scroll wheel are in separate groups on separate panels. As far as electrical goes, then there are only four on a typical car directly in front of the driver.

A large speedometer and tachometer

Smaller gauges for fuel level and coolant Bulk SMS Canada temperature. There’s also a small indicator light at the bottom of the speedometer that’s invisible when the odometer is off, scattered across the dash. If you regularly check the large speedometer and tachometer, you will not accidentally exceed the speed limit and continue to drive at the optimum engine speed. You won’t run out of gas or overheat your engine if you occasionally glance at the fuel and temperature gauges. You won’t miss scheduled maintenance if you check your odometer at least once a day.

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Well if a faulty or forgotten

Handbrake corresponding bulb won’t allow BTC Database US you to inadvertently ignore the problem. But what kind of radio station is playing or what temperature is set in the cabin without this information you can drive as successfully as you want. All such information is therefore usually placed on a single display or multiple displays on the center console. This principle of organizing feedback from the car and the driver is very similar to the principle of organizing control, the important information is big and in front of the nose the secondary information is somewhere next to it. The ergonomic principles we consider are universal and they don’t just apply to cars.