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For this you have to access the index section and delete section. You have several options, the most recommend being urgent deletion of content. You just ne to create a new request including what you want to de-index and Google will consider it to perform the process as quickly as possible. Directives If you want to prevent certain or even entire sections from being index using directives you will tell them not to be consider every time your site is crawl . As you can see the index plays a fundamental role in positioning. It is convenient to monitor the indexing status of our website and carry out the necessary processing on the different pages that make up our website.

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How the Indexing Process Works in Rocio Luc Rocio Luke Kuwait Mobile Number List Year Month Day Search Engine Optimization Tutorials Search Engine Optimization Indexing When we talk about indexing in positioning we mean what will be includ in the search engine index. In other words, a page is consider index when a search engine includes it in its search results regardless of its current position. The importance of directories in indexes and the relationship between them are more complex than they appear at first glance. must first be index to find the target in search results. No matter how you optimize a page eg.

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You won’t get any traffic from search engines BTC Database US if it isn’t index . On the other hand it is assign a location at the moment the page index is perform . Exact placement will depend on what we’ve done so far on-page and other factors off-page. These factors are combin with other factors that we can control more or less depending on each factor. We’re talking about the age of the site seeking to be index , the posting rate, the existing competition, etc. Another quantitative level of indexing can also affect a page’s positioning. The more it is index under the same domain the more it is index in search.

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