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If you plan to promote your product or service every year a good Black Friday strategy is to implement a recurring friendly. This will give the link more equity and therefore greater value in the eyes of search engines which will lead to better rankings in search results. A recurring example of such an event is below Now that we’ve seen the main advice Google has for Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday over here we want to go a step further and give you our own tips on strategies and tactics as the professional SEO agency we know. Can you come with us Continue reading black.

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Color Friday and Cyber ​​Monday Search Trends As we Argentina Mobile Number List are seeing. As we get closer to the dates of these two events, searches from users all over the world looking for the best deals and discounts skyrocket. If we use the Google Trends tool we can see what the search trends are for this year vs. Black Friday. On Google Trends the search results differ significantly. We see that users are more interest in Black Friday events than Cyber ​​Monday. The uptrend is evident even with dates this close to the month. Black Friday in 2019 and Cyber ​​Monday in 2020 if we split.

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Analyzing the results page for search terms vs. Black BTC Database US Friday. We see the following organic search results for Black Friday, as well as the featur news carousel. Cyber ​​Monday’s top organic search results featur panel for Cyber ​​Monday at the top. Large eCommerce companies occupy the top positions in the search engines and in turn. They carry out the most aggressive promotions and discounts for their products or services. This is common on these dates as many users are aware of and want to take advantage of these discounts. From the perspective of , we can see that they are search volume.

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