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Enough information in the title of each table so that the user does not get confuse eg he serves two or more clients at the same time or screen forms from different customer products remain open on the screen. So the image below shows a simultaneous view of the transaction history of two different accounts where an operation to transfer funds from a foreign currency account to a ruble account was previously perform. Picture. Show transaction history for two accounts third uses icons in the interface and highlights infographics with color and font size.

Especially each type

Of product has its own color which makes it easier Bulk SMS Austria for users to browse. The customer’s product tree. The agreement number signed with the customer, although important information from the bank’s point of view, plays a rather minor role in providing services to the customer so this information is smaller and less visible even when displayed on the screen. Beside each product a pictogram indicating the role of the customer served in that product the currency of the product a closed icon is shown if the product is closed. Use pictograms in the interface to highlight information with color and font size.

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The interface of the system

Should do everything in its power to help BTC Database US the user perform his duties and not. Allow him to deliberately perform illogical operations. By embodying this principle in our single window, we believe that. The most flat interface does not have a large number of sub-screen forms. That do not let the user get lost in a pile of open windows, and the simple transition scheme between. Those windows that we have does not letting you forget about methods to get the necessary data. Single window tour the main panel of the single window as mentioned above is the customer service panel.

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