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How to do it Check here . There are “dangerous” addresses on your lists In email marketing activities the basic activity that affects deliverability is the systematic maintenance of address base hygiene. Be sure to collect sign ups using the double opt in model . This has a significant impact on protecting the recipient list from addresses that are unsafe for message deliverability. Also don’t forget about addresses call Spamtraps . They are us by e mail providers to detect the so call spammers. After about months of no inbox activity it becomes a spamtrap.

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If you continue to send to such an address for spam filters you become a sender sending unwant content and as a result your domain reputation and deliverability are lower. Spamtrapsunus addresses are also often includ in public address databases available on USA WhatsApp Number List the Internet. That’s why it’s so important to ship to addresses that aren’t publicly available. Conducting such a mailing from the point of view of the GDPR is in short illegal. More about it here . How not to get into SPAM Analyze After each sending analyze the statistics available under the Reports tab from the FreshMail account. First of all pay attention to the addresses that have receiv the hard bounce status this means that the receiving server reject the message.

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Do not remove such addresses but use the step by step instructions on how to properly mark hard bouncing addresses . They can be dangerous to your deliverability. Regular shipments to reflecting addresses may lead to blocking of shipments on the side of external monit BTC Database US oring tools. Author’s note Also pay attention to audiences that aren’t interest in your campaigns. Create a segment on your list with addresses that do not open messages and update your database on an ongoing basis. You are making mistakes when creating the message template Spam filter algorithms overwrite each day which means that only mail providers know everything about their spam filters.