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In most cases the cost of email marketing tools is significantly lower than that of Facebook Ads campaigns. The monthly Growth plan in FreshMail is PLN . For this price you get a landing page creator a webinar tool and an unlimit number of e mails. On Facebook PLN will allow you to broadcast any campaign for a maximum of days the minimum daily budget is PLN and in no case will it allow you to reach an audience base of people. Social mia combin with email marketing campaigns perfectly build the brand image.

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Therefore by preparing separate messages for new public social channels and existing emails customers you can get better engagement thanks to message personalization. For example you can announce a competition on Facebook for a discount code and send Compliance Directors Email Lists a consolation coupon to those who provid their data to win the code and did not become finalists. More information on omnichannel marketing and examples of its use can be found on our blog. Summary email marketing vs. social mia Both social mia and email marketing are excellent brand promotion tools. Social mia gives you brand exposure to potential audiences and legal issues. However you lose control over the data and over time you have to involve your budget more and more.

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It is best to combine different communication channels in the so call omnichannel or multi channel marketing. Social mia will work well at the stage of obtaining customer data . After rece BTC Database US iving an email address it is worth switching to a cheaper and often more effective channel which is email campaigns. A B tests – how to increase the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns Back to the list of entries Facebook Twitter LinkIn Google+ Pinterest Buffer A B testing is a concept that comes up very often in the context of digital marketing. No wonder it is currently one of the simplest and most popular optimization methodologie.

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