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Multi-window mode multi-window mode keeps track of the number of open windows in the status line of the workspace screen. In one place users can view all open windows scaled and easily return to the desired window to continue working with it. Quickly transition pictures between open windows. Useful icons for quickly switching between open windows remember how you used to scroll up documents? How about going to another department? Yes, special modes have to be activated for these purposes. Forget about it now all these features are available to users directly from the report form. To go to the list of summary reports it is sufficient to activate the icon in the list of reporting periods.

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Reports related to the selected report table. But once removed Bulk SMS Slovakia from the icon the list of selected reporting periods will reappear in the window. A separate icon is also provided for moving to another cell. By clicking on it the user can select not only the desired sector map but also the structural territory or region map of the bank. Picture. Figure select bank segment to select bank structure picture when moving to another segment. Choose the structure of the bank when transferring to another department. We filter everything. The system provides ample opportunities to use filtering.

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Assigned to departments and system filter maps implemented BTC Database US for distributed versions of the system. It’s not even forbidden to create your own filtering device. Filter graph for selecting report publishing mode and bank structure filters for selecting report publishing mode and bank structure vertical and horizontal reporting periods when working with a reporting period the user can view the parameters set for that period without going to a separate panel.