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Record changes in the worksheet whenever you add or remove a translate page from your site. Record the change in this google sheet. And if you delete a page. Delete the url. If a new translate version of a page is adde to your site. Add it to the appropriate column. The sheet will regenerate the sitemap code on the fly. Just copy/paste it into the sitemap to replace the old code. How to check hreflang issues of website no matter how hard you try to make the hreflang attribute the best it can be. There will inevitably be some oversights. Therefore. Check your website regularly for hreflang issues and resolve them before they become serious issues.

Lack of hreflang self-reference annotation

 The easiest way is to regularly crawl your Netherlands WhatsApp Number Data site using ahrefs’ site audit tool . Site audit is a cloud-base crawler that checks websites for hundres of seo-relate issues. Including hreflang-relate issues. Here are nine hreflang-relate issues site audit may find and how to resolve them: 1.  this warning triggers when a self-referencing hreflang tag is absent from one or more pages. Why is this a problem to emphasize our previous point. Google states that “Each language version must list itself and all other language versions”. So it is very important to use self-referential hreflang tags whenever you add hreflang tags to a web page. How to fix review the affecte pages and add a self-referential hreflang tag to each page using the method of your choice.

This is bad for seo because it means search engines

Hreflang annotation is invalid this Vietnam Whatsapp Number List warning is raise when one or more urls have hreflang tags with invalid language or locale codes. Why is this a problem search engines ignore any invalid hreflang tags. Which means they may ignore alternative versions of the page. may not be able to show users the most appropriate version of the page. How to fix review the affecte pages. Check the “Is valid hreflang” column to see invalid hreflang tags for each page. Remove these in favor of hreflang tags that use a valid language or language location code format. 3. Page references in more than one language in hreflang this warning is raise when one or more urls are reference in an hreflang comment for more than one language.