How Smart Data Help

Develop a hiring strategy smart data analytics can answer the following questions and help strengthen your employer brand competition how can we develop a clear candidate-centric answer to the question “Why us” with smart data analytics, you will be found exactly by the employee you’re looking for because intelligent data analysis can give you answers to questions like which keywords best describe similar jobs in terms of content, how job ads are typically describe in job advertisements.

Relevant job benefits

Which benefits are typically offer in the marketplace B2B Email List and which benefits are relevant potential job applicants are particularly attractive how to obtain this information. To this end, job advertisements use web scoring method crawling, that is, selecting and analyzing all valid job ad headlines relevant to you bas on keywords and job titles, in order to extract important insights for your own recruiting strategy. Whether a website is an online store depends on more than just the software us . Many websites use store software behind the scenes, but are not online stores. So you always know which company has what content on its homepage, whether it’s in text or in images or meta tags. Combin with intelligent algorithms for identifying specific insights, this results in an unparalleled tool for clearly identifying online stores.

B2B Email List

The content of the website

We will show you how to clearly identify and select an BTC Database US online store bas on certain characteristics in one click. Who is interest in the information of the online store. What does the manufacturer ne “Which online stores are my products sold. Which online stores are I and my products interest in” issuing and checking certificates and stamps shipping. Service providers packaging manufacturers designer payment provider. How we identify online stores with smart data check millions of websites every day. Insights from store software, shipping providers, product terms  payment options, multilingualism. More present exciting opportunities for customer analysis and problem solving.