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What is understood when talking about this indicator. Define in targeting or click-through rate is the percentage of clicks a website link receives on search engine results pages relative to its impressions. Its formula is calculate by dividing the number of clicks a link has receive by the number of impressions a user has seen those links and multiplying. CTR Formula Clicks Impressions Factors Affecting CTR Google knows very well what percentage of users click on the first, second, third, fourth result and all other results for each search. We can also wait.

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Tool or learn about it with our software which can Malta Mobile Number List extract data precisely from the tool. Optimizing for the title and meta description tags that have the most impact is the most profitable and fastest thing we can do at. If we get more users to click on our results we will get more visits and more organic traffic which can be achieve without improving rankings SEO is not number one for Google. SEO first appear when Google users click on your results to contact you. If we come out first but don’t click we get nothing.

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The factor in the impact is that the optimize URL BTC Database US contains the main keyword. Does not exec the maximum number of characters allow by Google. A meta title tag with the main keyword is descriptive and engaging to users. Use a call-to-action emoji An optimize meta description tag it should again contain the main keyword. Provide users with a short summary of the content of the page. Also known as rich snippets, they can make search results more. Visually appealing in addition to containing information that is very valuable to users. In the example in the picture the rich snippet is the search term carrot on the recipe site.

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