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Order confirmation The most popular type of transactional email that every buyer is waiting for. Sending an order confirmation has become mandatory. When the customer does not receive the expect e mail within a few minutes of the purchase he begins to wonder if the transaction was successful. Information about the fulfillment of the order and the purchase number is something that you absolutely ne to submit. Advice from the author An interesting solution is to present here the products that the customer decid to buy for example in the form of miniature photos.

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It is also a good idea to present the customer’s savingsa list of product prices without promotions and the actual transaction amount. Source Notino mailing Singapore WhatsApp Number List Order tracking Up to date information about the stage of delivery of purchases will be a huge advantage. Did you send the package in a short time after placing the order Be proud of it Do you offer personal pickup in your store Let them know that the products are ready and the customer can come pick them up today.

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Source Zalando mailing Up selling The basic task of up selling is to increase the value of the order. Present here the benefit that will result from adding additional products to the basket. A good idea here is to base it on the amount missing for free delivery or rea BTC Database US ching the discount threshold . Cross selling How many times while shopping in a stationary store have you heard Can you help me choose a polish for these shoes or “Maybe a belt with these pants”. This is an example of cross sellingsupplementing the purchase. You can also apply this to email marketing. When you send a transactional email make sure to add for example product recommendations at the very end. Someone bought a scarf Show off matching hats or gloves.