The Customer is the Owner

The product concern the right to inherit a share of funds in these products as an heir to act as an heir to serve customers acting as contributors or custodians of the products. A tree structure is us to display a customer product list diagram. The process of building the product tree is as follows: customer products group by bank product type deposits current accounts bank cards and loans cr it by card and cr it agreement formulat in. Instances of customer product agreements within a type of banking product are display sort by name to indicate the customer’s role within each product. If a product has application objects that can be manipulat by a customer.

Then these application objects

Will appear as children of the customer’s Brunei Email List product. Customer’s product tree the product tree displays only those branches that contain at least one customer product select according to the select filter. Empty branches are invisible. Each type of banking product has its own color which makes it easier for users to navigate the product tree. With the help of special filters locat in the toolbar in the customer products and one-time services areas you can configure the tree to display all customer products by default a list with only active products or a list with only clos products. Products that are clos in the tree are mark with a special icon.

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The single window implement

The customer service business process supports BTC Database US two customer service modes with identity and without identity. In the absence of identification, customers can only use one-time services provid. The bank, such as foreign exchange transactions, emergency transfers of utility bills, etc. In this mode there is no ne to search for a customer in the system. At the same time if any information. About him is enter in the search field then these values ​​will be us while performing the action.