The Only SEO Checklist You Need in 2023 [Incl. Template]

Remembering every SEO task you need to do for your website is a nightmare. This is why you need an SEO checklist. But the usual one-size-fits-all checklists aren’t much use. They don’t take into account what your site is like or your SEO priorities. This is why we built a fully customizable one in Google Sheets: Preview of our free SEO checklist template Let’s take a closer look at how to set up and use it. DOWNLOAD THE SEO CHECKLIST TEMPLATE Just click here and make a copy. How to set up and use our SEO checklist To start, make a copy of the checklist template in your Google Drive and configure the “Setup” sheet. This takes about 30 seconds and involves answering two questions.

Install an SEO-friendly theme

Your website theme changes how it looks. These days, pretty much all themes in Shopify, Wix, and WordPress are reasonably SEO-friendly. But if you want to use a third-party theme, it’s best to run a few quick checks: Is it mobile-friendly? Load up the theme industry email list demo on your phone and see how it looks. Is it fast? Plug the demo homepage into Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool. The higher the score, the better. Does it work cross-browser? Try the demo in Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Does it have good reviews? Most theme marketplaces show these. Is it regularly updated? There could be security issues if not. Again, most theme marketplaces will show when it was last updated.

Plan your website structure

Having a logical website structure helps visitors to navigate your BTC Database US site. It also ensures Google can find all the pages on your website. This is important, as Google can’t rank pages it doesn’t know about. Doing this is easy enough. Just sketch out a mind map: How to plan your website structure Each branch on the map should be an internal link to allow search engines and visitors to navigate between pages.