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Apart from being a very expensive technique, bombarding you can destroy the positioning of your product or brand. For all of us who love digital marketing or marketing in general we know that the way of attracting new customers has changed as the use of the internet has changed the behavior of users technology has become more and more human centered in any process. Inbound marketing equals attraction marketing. This method combines different zero-intrusive marketing techniques the purpose is to fall in love attract and conquer people by generating interest. You would say yes yes this sounds ideal but how do we do it.

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Well accompany them on the great journey of the List of Mobile Phone Numbers conversion funnel. The conversion funnel through ecommerce the conversion funnel is one of the most powerful tools in the ecommerce world. A funnel can provide us with a lot of benefits attract quality traffic optimization invest in attract interested users a typical sales or ecommerce conversion funnel has a main stage or stage funnel stage funnel stage top of the funnel tofu no, we don’t mean veggie with no flavor at all. Is the first stage. At this stage we have aroused the user’s attention and it’s time to prepare the content strategy if we give an example.

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At this stage, the user sees an ideal destination he BTC Database US wants to go to on the internet. Begins to generate demand on him. Stage middle of the funnel at stage of the funnel the user is almost convinced so it’s time to launch. A compelling strategy that suits him so that he chooses us and encourages us to leave his data behind. We haven’t caught him yet and he’s just judging and comparing us. Continuing with the example users are already thinking about how to get to that fantastic and ostentatious site they saw on Facebook. Stage bottom of the funnel the last and decisive stage users are very willing to choose me.