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We refer to google penguin. This friendly animal reviews our link profiles and raises its hand if it sees unnatural behavior, thus penalizing low-quality incoming links. In another article we explain how to get rid of this type of penalty. Previously the algorithm only censored sites at certain times throughout the year so more aggressive and careless link building could be done when that happened because they weren’t caught until the new censorship. Until google decides to make one of the biggest updates in this line it’s called it’s live.

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So you have to be very careful to have a very optimized backlink El Salvador Mobile Number List capture strategy. The benefits and penalties of the basic characteristics of backlinks force professionals in the industry to abide by a series of basic characteristics of incoming links. All in all these are by far the most important features and the link must come from a relevant topic site. Links must be naturally contained within the context of the content and be useful to the user. The anchor text of each backlink should be different to demonstrate its naturalness. Links must be properly categorized. The number of links is important because it is a clear sign of natural or man-made.

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There are penalties for attempting to pass sponsored BTC Database US links through organic links. A linked page on a website must have multiple backlinks. That would be recognized as unnatural if they were always the same. Types of backlinks you can get backlinks from multiple sites and get different optimizations. Furthermore, depending on their origin they may be more or less important for the positioning of our website. Follow not follow we already saw it at the beginning of the post but we remember it has the most ordered list. The first difference in typology is the type corresponding to the authority of the link.