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Performance of the obligation by the lease payment sch ule is reflect in the system in the form of a payment sch ule whose record is its key object. Accounting documents are form from the records and subsequently transferr to the core. The sch ule will contain a record of lease payments under the lease agreement. It can be generat automatically by filling the timesheet according to the given obligation parameters or manually. Add phases of the diagram can be copi using the manual option.

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Means distributing the obligation amount evenly Czech Republic Email List over the stages of the sch ule in one of the following ways: calculating the number of payment stages, determining the contract according to the specifi payment frequency and duration. The amount for each stage is the result of dividing the total allocat amount by the number of payments. The fix sch ule is form according to the specifi number of stages at the specifi frequency. The amount of each stage of the detail form is not calculat by the total distribution, but is directly indicat in the parameters of the detail form filling program.

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Out the sch ule is recommend when the frequency BTC Database US of payments under the contract is known. If the frequency is unclear or changes between payments it is recommend to manually. Create entries in such sch ules or to manually adjust the value of the payment date parameter for the planning stages creat by the program. The payment date attribute itself, along with the full set of other parameters for the progress stage, is includ in the payment adjustment table diagram . This property is us to enter the estimat execution date of the stage. For leases this attribute is recommend to fill in the agre term date for the tenant to pay the rent.