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Retargeting also known as remarketing is a marketing tactic that focuses on only reaching customers who already know you they visit your website put an item in their cart but did not complete the purchase or even bought something but it was a while ago . Retargeting can be us using various marketing channels. You can implement it with Google Ads Facebook Ads email marketing and push notifications. Retargeting is generally bas on specific behaviors and scenarios . Here is an example. The customer enters your store’s website puts the product he is interest in in the basket and then leaves the website.

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It would be a pity to waste such an opportunity wouldn’t it At this point retargeting is trigger which sends the customer a reminder encouraging them New Zealand WhatsApp Number List to come back and complete the purchase. It may appear minutes hours or even days after you perform a specific action. This technique is extremely effective It is estimat that retargeting ads are x more likely to be click than those that are shown to new users. An example of a retargeting campaign using push notifications.

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Source PushPushGo Loyalty programs and promotional campaigns In addition to staying in touch with customers it is worth encouraging them to buy by offering various types of benefits. To begin with let’s talk about loyalty programs . If you offer real benefits to cust BTC Database US omers permanent discount on purchases access to pre sales VIP offers etc. many of them will sign up for such a program especially if they plan to visit your store regularly. What about promotional activities Everyone likes sales right A well plann and promot sale can result in many new customers in a short time. This is especially important when people are willing to spend money onlineduring Black Friday or holidays.