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Serve them later and save waiting time when making requests to the server. The useful or maximum cache lifespan before caching again This factor is highly dependent on how much time you spend on the web If your content changes infrequently you can use a longer duration If your site is update frequently or multiple updates shorten the duration. If we have done this with any caching plugin on the market and we will now see that we can check from the developer tools how we are handling this functionality we have several caching methods last change.

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Entity Tag Expires Maximum Age Let’s load our Mexico Mobile Number List website with the developer tools open and select the network option Now we can see all resource requests made by the browser. By clicking on any of these resources and selecting options we will be able to see the response of the headers of these files and whether we have activate caching and by what method. In we see is pass. In this section we can also see if compaction is being perform from the server. Cache lifetime for log in user’s cache If logg in user wants to update this function for not.

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It’s important for log in users to serve the catch page because BTC Database US otherwise they won’t see the changes they made. Mobile caching Many plugins provide options to generate different caches for different devices If your mobile version is personalize and not responsive I recommend it. Plugins for Optimizing Loading Spe ​​Before getting into the topic of plugins I would like to explain to you the most important part of performing optimization because in almost all plugins explain above are activation options you should consider activating or not activating them. That’s why I prefer to explain it so you understand it and then tell you you must.

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