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 If we do the same thing for “Gas boiler installation” we can see this page in the first 10 pages: as this is not specifically relate to gas boiler installation. We may not nee to create a web page specifically for this service. We could try to rank this and relate terms on a broader page about boiler installation/replacement. That said. It’s worth noting that there are some nuances to the process. And it’s not an exact science. If you’re not sure at any stage. Just think about whether site visitors would find a page deicate to a particular service useful. If you feel like you can easily tell them everything they nee to know about this particular service on a broader page.

The method a lot of people use here

 Then it’s probably not worth Turkey WhatsApp Number Data creating a deicate page. Step 5. Look for “mentions” let’s say one of the services you offer is boiler repair. How to create a page that ranks locally for “Boiler repair” and relate terms? Unfortunately.  is keyword stuffing. Here they can find all the most popular search terms and repeat those phrases in their copy. Below is an example: this approach is wrong and will only make the page unreadable. While you shouldn’t stuff keywords. There are several reasons why it’s worth looking for relevant “things to mention”: it improves topic relevance. If a page about boiler installation talks about the types of boilers you offer.

It helps you rank for long-tail keywords

 Prices and service locations. This may Mexico Whatsapp Number List help google understand the overall theme of your page and rank it higher with confidence.  . Not everyone searches for something the same way. For every 100 people looking for boiler repair services in london. There are probably a handful of people looking for boiler repair services in north london. It helps visitors. People searching for boiler installation services